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Rejoice green beauty aficionados because Boxwalla has extended the deadline for their February box* featuring fabulous British Indie brand Nini Organics …perfect moment for me to officially share my thoughts and perhaps sway you to succumbing if you’ve been remotely tempted… You have until the 22nd February 2021 to subscribe.

Although skincare and experiencing products lovingly crafted by passionate brand founders always brings me joy and knowing that a box of delights curated by Boxwalla is making its way to me will always thrill me, I was especially excited to receive the February 2021 box. January is a always a difficult month, dreary and bleak and to receive these gorgeous, vibrant, antioxidant rich products from Nini Organics felt somewhat akin to colour therapy. I’m well versed with Nini Organics and after an introduction to this lovely British (yay!) brand last year by way of their Natura Detox Foam cleanser, I was ecstatic that an entire box dedicated to this joy-inducing brand was on the horizon. Over my years of using green, indie brands, I have come to truly believe that brand creators somehow infuse their aura, their essence  (no pun intended) in all their magical concoctions. Products end up mimicking their makers and everything from the Nini Organics line is bright, characteristically colourful, effervescent, festive and highly effective- just like founder Alex. If you don’t follow them, I highly recommend for a dose of Alex every morning. His infectious enthusiasm will leave you truly happy. It just so happened that the 2 products, Crimson Beauty and Rain Hydrating Essence were high on my wishlist (doesn’t even surprise me, I am convinced Lavanya, the founder of Boxwalla is a psychic and knows exactly what my heart desires…)

Let’s start with what I consider the star of this box- Crimson Beauty. Firstly, you get 50ml of this gleaming red beauty, a generous size (for which I’m grateful as I don’t EVER want to run out!).  This is hydration galore. Hello, juicy, plump skin! And the scent…I think I’ve died and gone to heaven. It’s a real pleasure to use this every morning, with its delicately floral rose+neroli aroma, punctuated by comforting vanilla and cacao hmmm. Crimson beauty contains a hibiscus macerate (hibiscus is a flower I’m so drawn to as I love those bold, bright conspicuous petals that you find in all gardens in Mauritius, where I grew up), rose otto and neroli hydrosol bolstered by cucumber, glycerine and Quora Noni (which protects skin’s microbiome) to make a fabulously cocooning formulation. My favourite way to use it is in conjunction with an oil creating what is called a micro emulsion (which just happens to be my favourite word at the moment. Give me all the microemulsions, my skin cannot handle dense balms at the moment). Crimson Beauty is all I want a hyrdrating serum to be and it’s a resounding yes from me.

Next comes Rain. The colour of royalty, this cucumber scented mist has been a wonderful addition to my routines. I do love it post cleansing but mostly rely on it during the day, to infuse my skin with a burst of much needed moisture.  Rain contains just a kiss of glow inducing lactic acid so it’s not overly and cloyingly hydrating but actually balancing- the perfect midday mist basically. Whilst my preference always lies with finer mists normally, Rain comes gushing out but not aggressively though, but in the most pleasantly therapeutic manner, as if you’ve been caught in a lush drizzle of cucumber extract, neroli water, butterfly pea flower extract and milk thistle. It’s not a mere mist, the ingredient roster does really read like a wonderful serum and the fact that I’m misting myself with reckless abandon and whizzing through it at the speed of lightening speaks volumes.

I’m so pleased Lavanya chose to include this adorable miniature sample of Halo Cleansing Elixir for everyone to experience its glory. This is the first product I fell in love with from the Nini Organics line some years ago and I couldn’t help gushing about it, I’m surprise it hasn’t becoming a cult favourite yet.  For all lovers of blue tansy, this is a must try, in its passionfruit oil and jojoba oil base. I especially enjoy it as directed by Alex, massaged onto skin and removed with a cold washcloth, which is why I am saving it for warmer months to come. The high content of azulene really helps calm down any inflammation and I’m impatiently waiting for it’s return in my warm weather routines.

Once again, a perfectly selected box to start 2021 from Boxwalla. Get your hands on one while you can and if you’re a lover of luxury, plant-powered skincare, do consider subscribing to Boxwalla, it’s basically skincare nirvana. 

*This box was gifted to me with no obligation to review.

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