10 Solid Scrub Recipes That Exfoliate + Hydrate at the Same Time

What’s better than a homemade scrub? A homemade solid scrub bar! We love using these perfectly-portioned shower treats. They’re packed with exfoliating ingredients in a creamy base so you can slough away your dry bits and moisturize at the same time.

We all love a good homemade scrub for soft, smooth skin—especially now that the cold weather is here to stay. Exfoliation is key to good skin, whether you want to wax, apply self-tanner, or just let it shine.

Hop in the shower with one of these bars and rub your skin all over so the butters can get in. You’ll scrub off dead skin and leave your skin feeling moisturized and SO soft. You don’t even need to lotion up afterwards because your skin will be silky smooth!