Zoya Magical Winter/Holiday 2023 Nail Polish Swatches And Review

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Hi friends! I have another blog post for you all today. This is the final holiday/winter collection (I think so at least) that I will have up on the blog. Seeing how we are only in mid-November that seems really odd but I don’t currently have anything planned that is winter/holiday themed to go up.

For Winter/Holiday, Zoya is giving us a 6 piece collection with a variety of finishes. Y’all know whenever we have collections with multiple finishes, especially when glitter is involved, from a mainstream brand I rejoice!

The Magical collection is available right now on the Zoya website. It’s available in both full size and mini bottles all shipping with the Z Wide brush. If you use my affiliate link to the Zoya website, you can get $5 off your first purchase.

Live Swatch Video

Zoya is a US based mainstream brand. Their polishes are in 15ml bottles, 10 free, vegan and cruelty free.


Description: A radiant lapis blue, where flecks of rose gold dance alongside twinkling blue glitters

Adara This shade of blue is one of my absolute favorite shades of blue. It’s bright, jewel-toned, and oh so vibrant. The polish is in a more jelly base so this will need building to reach full opacity. I found I needed three coats to see the same color on the nail that I saw in the bottle.

The base for this was thicker than I expected it to be. The formula was overall still really good though.

My photos show Adara in 3 coats plus glossy top coat.


Description: A dive into a delicate opal pink kissed with rose micro-flakes and a sprinkle of gold and holographic dazzle. 

Bisoux in the bottle, I thought this polish looked boring. Once I started to apply it, I was able to appreciate how beautiful this polish really is. It has a milky pink crelly base so you will need to build it up.

The base itself did feel on the thicker side, not so thick that I found it difficult to work with but glitter polish thick. In two coats, coverage was still uneven so I opted to go in for a third coat to even it out more, if you aren’t super picky this will be passable in two coats.

The micro flakies look similar to a shimmer and paired with the glitters, this is a soft and delicate looking polish and I loved it!

My photos show Bisoux in 3 coats plus glossy top coat. The glitters dry down slightly textured but one coat of top coat seemed to even things out nicely.


Swatch photo of Zoya Cherri
Swatch photo of Zoya Cherri

Description: a rich blue-red cream

Cherri the description of this polish vs what color the polish looks in the bottle vs the color you see in the nail really threw me for a loop! In the bottle, this looks like a pink leaning red. On the nail, it starts off looking like a pink leaning red and as the polish dries down it starts to look more red.

I found due to my warmer undertones, this cool blue tone of the polish doesn’t show up great in photos. If you have a cooler undertone, I think this will pull more pinky red borderline magenta on you than it does on me.

This polish is thicker than I expected it to be. It self levels and applies well but it does dry down with an almost matte finish and slightly sheerer than it initially applies.

Another thing that was really weird about this polish is that it dries down significantly more sheer than it applies. At first, it looks like a one coater but then it dries down to show VNL. While I used two coats for my photos, I could see some slight VNL.

My photos show Cherri in 2 coats plus glossy top coat. This is a very pigmented polish, while I didn’t personally experience any staining I would recommend doubling up on base coat if your nails are prone to staining.


Description: an oyster shell hue, casting holographic spells in a micro-shimmer

Fairleigh is a very pale lilac base with holographic glitter as well as shimmer. The base felt on the thicker side but about what I expect from a glitter polish.

This is a fairly sheer polish so you will want to build it up to get some opacity as well as to even out the coverage. I think to get the best look on the nail, you will want to wear it in 3 coats. If you aren’t super picky, coverage is decent in two coats.

Much like the other glitters Zoya has done as of late, the glitters do dry down with some significant texture. You’ll want at least 2 coats of top coat to smooth them out.

My photos show Farleigh in 3 coats plus two coats top coat. Do not scrub this polish off, use the soak off method or a peel off base coat.

I didn’t realize how similar to Bisoux this polish looks until I was going over my footage and had to do a double take. Fairleigh is more sheer and only has holographic glitter.


Description: a magenta with rose gold micro-flakes 

Inez is another one of the polishes in this release that I knew I was going to love! This is a bright magneta crelly with rose gold flakies. The flakies aren’t super in your face but still pretty nonetheless.

On the first coat, this was a lot more opaque than I was expecting. Not a one coater opaque just really good coverage. The flakies do not dry down textured but this does dry down flat so you will need top coat for a glossy finish.

My photos show Inez in 2 coats plus glossy top coat. Removal won’t be overly difficult but I still wouldn’t recommend scrubbing this polish off.


Swatch photo of Zoya Vixen
Swatch photo of Zoya Vixen

Description: a blackened cherry cream

Vixen is a very vampy and very dark red creme. This is dark enough that it will appear black to a reddish brown in most lighting.

The polish itself has a great formula. On the first coat, it is more sheer than I expected but it does build up nicely. I didn’t love the coverage for this one in two coats. I could see some patchiness which I knew would bug me a lot.

I don’t know why colors this dark always seem to be three coaters for me but it seems to be the norm as of late.

My photos show Vixen in 3 coats plus glossy top coat. This is another polish where while I didn’t experience staining, I could see it being a stainer.

Final Thoughts

As far as holiday collections go, this one was pretty nice. I was surprised that the red wasn’t a Santa red but I am honestly burnt out on Santa reds currently so I like the change in undertone.

In comparison to say, Orly’s holiday/winter collection this is leaning more towards winter than holiday. I like that the colors themselves can be worn all year round and don’t really scream “this is a holiday collection”. I also really like that we got some glitters and flakies thrown in here.

My top picks from this release are going to be Adara and Bisoux with Inez getting an honorable mention.

15ml, 10 Free, Vegan & Cruelty Free
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Sale Information

The Magical collection is available right now on the Zoya website. If you use my affiliate link, you can get $5 off your first purchase on Zoya.com.

This collection is available in both mini (8ml) and full size (15ml) bottles. Both sizes come with the z wide brush. Zoya should be having a ton of sales for the next month or two so make sure to keep an eye out! Zoya is also available at Ulta and Amazon.

I anticipate BeyondPolish.com getting this release any day now. I have found that website to be the cheapest place to pick up this brand outside of Zoya’s amazing sales. If you shop on Beyond Polish, feel free to use my affiliate code NicoleLovesNails to save an extra 10%!

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