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Your Guide To The Best Cycling Caps For Hot Weather

Since I started riding as an adult, I’ve always worn a cycling cap. The main reason, if I’m honest, is because I like the look – aesthetically – on me. Also, with natural hair under a cycling helmet, a cycling cap offers some protection for my hair when riding.

Another reason though is due to the weather conditions. A good cycling cap can make riding in hot weather a lot more comfortable whilst choosing a different fabric and style for colder months can help keep you warm. 

I recently saw someone ask in a facebook group what the purpose of a cycling cap is, so that prompted me to write this post and share the custom classic cycling cap I had designed and sell in my Ko-fi shop. As valid as my reason is for wearing a cycling cap, there are other reasons for choosing to do so. 

Reasons To Wear A Cycling Cap 

Reasons To Wear A Cycling Cap  - elle on a bike wearing a cycling cap and helmet, looking off to the left Reasons To Wear A Cycling Cap  - elle on a bike wearing a cycling cap and helmet, looking off to the left

Here are some of the reasons people (women) shared for wearing cycling caps: 

“I burn super easily on the top of my head where my hair is so fine (yes, even through helmet vents!), so once the sun comes (if it ever does this year), the cap needs to come out”

“For me it’s to keep insects from getting stuck in my hair” 

“Keeps the bees out of your helmet, the rain off your face, your hair slightly less wild (or keep it on at the cafe), and low sun out of your eyes!”

“[keeps the] sun out of my eyes… even with cycling sunglasses it still manages to find a way past. Also when I was commuting to keep the glare of oncoming lights out of my eyes”

“Soaks up the sweat (I’ve rotted a helmet out), [a wide peak keeps the] sun out your eyes, stops sunburn, adds a layer of warm in winter/ wind, looks cool…”

“I don’t like sweating onto my helmet directly. Too much of a faff to have to wash it regularly. I’d rather sweat onto a cap / beanie / headband that can be washed. And the flexible brim of a cap can be useful on a sunny (or rainy) day.”

“All of the above and also in the summer I soak it in cold water to keep me cool.”

“Keeps the rain off your glasses or out of your eyes. Also a little bit of extra warmth.”

“I have a short bob and it keeps it in place “

As you can see, there really are a ton of reasons to wear a cap, whether you have long hair, short hair or natural hair like myself, when out riding in the Summer months and beyond. 

And personally, I don’t just wear a cap on my road bike – I use them for all types of riding (including cyclocross and gravel) and other outdoor activities. Plus, they’re super lightweight and easily fit into a jersey pocket – for a spare or if you choose to take it off at a cafe stop for example. 

With caps being available in a range of colours (and vibrant colors, might I add) too, it’s hard not to make a fashion statement on the bike! 

Q: Do You Not Get Hot With A Cap On?

I personally get asked this a lot and for me the answer is no! In fact, a decent cap does the opposite. With breathable fabric and a good snug fit, a cap is a great way to keep cool when the temperature rises. 

Someone also shared the tip of soaking your cap in water to help with temperature control on the real hot summer rides. 

Choosing The Best Cycling Cap For Hot Weather

Choosing The Best Cycling Cap For Hot Weather - elle drinking water on the bike wearing a cycling cap and helmet Choosing The Best Cycling Cap For Hot Weather - elle drinking water on the bike wearing a cycling cap and helmet

When choosing the best cycling cap for hot weather riding, there are a few things I would bear in mind. The two most important things I’d say are sizing and fabric. Wearing a cycling cap that’s too small under your helmet all day is a recipe for discomfort and a headache. Most caps are have an elastic band which stretches to accommadate various head sizes. So it’s a good idea to measure the circumference of your head if you don’t already know. 

For me with thick hair, I usually have to add a cm or two on to ensure comfort and to accommodate various styles. I’ve found the skull cap types of cycling caps (whcih cover your ears) don’t really work that well for my size head an hair. But they’re more suited to cold weather anyway. 

In terms of fabric, yo can go for something more natural like a cotton cap, or synthetic fibers for more technical performance in terms of sweat wicking and fast drying. That really will come down to personal preference. 

Shop My Limited Edition Caps:

shop my limited edition cycling caps - best cycling cap for hot weather shop my limited edition cycling caps - best cycling cap for hot weather

One of the most popular posts on my blog is about how to wear natural hair under a cycling helmet and as I mentioned, one way I protect my hair is by always wearing a cycling cap aka casquette.

So I made one.

And of course I’m biased and think it’s one of the best cycling caps out there, which also supports a good cause / small business. 

I used some artwork I commissioned by Tegan Phillips – full-time cartoonist, speaker and endurance cyclist – to celebrate diversity in cycling. The artwork celebrates women of all shapes and sizes, through various disciplines and types of bikes. 

women of colour cycling cap women of colour cycling cap

The Details:

🚴🏾‍♀️ Technical Mid-Season Cap

🚴🏾‍♀️ Available in two sizes for various head sizes: S/M 54cm – 57cm and M/L 58cm – 62cm (Measure the circumference of your head to find your size)

I’m keen to make these accessible so I’ve gone for a ‘Pay What You Want / Can’ pricing, with the minimum being £15 to ensure the production costs are covered and still remaining great value for your money (classic cycle caps are typically sold for £20-£25 each, non custom made). 

I washed my cap multiple times and the print hasn’t faded so I’m confident this cycling cap will last you well! Any questions though, get in touch. 

Women of Colour Cycling Cap Gallery 

Here are a few images I’ve collated of friends and customers who’ve bought one of my WoC cycling caps. If you’ve bought one / buy one and want to add your picture to the gallery either post on Instagram and tag me (@ellelinton / @keepitsimpElle) or email me over the image. 

Cycling Cap Alternatives

When the warm weather starts to subside, I still choose to wear a cycling cap but I often switch which one I wear and / or add accessories for weather protection. The main things that get me in colder weather are wind chill and cold ears, especially of an early morning. 

Winter hats or headbands made from merino wool are a good choice and in winter you can use a buff as an added layer which also keeps the top of your head open for added breathability. 

In addition to choosing the best cap for rinding on a hot day, it’s also important to wear cycling kit suitable for summer heat, and to use sun protection (especially on your face) to protect you from harmful uv rays.

If you opt for shorts and a short-sleeve jersey, don’t forget to apply suncream to arms and legs, as well as other exposed areas (like under mesh material and on the back of your neck!). 

Do you wear a cycling cap when out riding?! Got a different reason for doing so?! Which have you found to be the best cycling cap for hot weather?


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