What’s in Our Professional Microblading Kit?

The current demand for eyebrow perfection with staying power has raised more than just the arches of the customers who seek them. 

It has led to a huge rise in beauty professionals who want to stay on top of the trending treatments, and for brows that means upping their skillset with the latest techniques— and that is microblading.

In fact, more and more beauty professionals are learning how to microblade for a number of reasons. One is because the demand for microblading has skyrocketed. The second is that it is a more lucrative skill to have (financially speaking) for the brow industry than waxing, threading, or other brow shaping alternatives.

If you do not want to get left behind in the brow market and want to train to become a proficient microblading artist, then a professional grade starter-kit is the first logical step to make it happen. It might seem daunting at first, given that the results are semi-permanent, but every artist must start somewhere.

Our Professional Microblading Kit is Great For Beginners & Intermediate Users

There is a wealth of choice for the tools available out there which can be quite overwhelming. And you may not know where to start when it comes to choosing the essential pieces of kit that you need to start learning the trade right.

Perpetual Permanent Makeup simplifies this for you with carefully curated professional grade starter-kits that will enable you to learn proficiently without the hassle of endless research. These premium microblading kits for beginners have everything you need to ensure a professional result and learn the techniques needed, including practice skin, until you get the hang of it.

Having been more than a decade in this business, Perpetual Permanent Makeup uses only quality materials to put together these kits. Unlike many competing products you find online, our kits are true and tried and refined over the years based on client feedback and lessons learned in the business. Save time and money with our Microblading Kits today!

There are two options for these kits:

  • A disposable kit which contains blade holders that require no sterilisation after use, and should only be used once if used on a person
  • A non-disposable kit which has blade holders that must be disassembled and sterilised if you wish to reuse multiple times if using on people and not just practice skin.

Let’s take a look at the contents included in these professional microblading kits.

Microblade Holders

Whether you choose a disposable kit or not, you need something to hold onto those seriously sharp blades. This is where your microblade holder comes in. Reusable holders can be taken apart for sterilization and to switch between blade sizes and shapes depending on your client’s needs. Disposables are for single use.


The real work gets done because of the actual microblades themselves. Without these it won’t matter how much pigment you have, it just will not deposit into skin without the ultra-fine incisions that these types of blades can produce.

What most people do not realise is that the ‘blades’ themselves are not blades in a traditional sense. They are actually tiny ultra-thin needles, known as ‘pins’, aligned in either a single or double row.

There are two shapes of microblades in these kits and every artist will need a combination of both in varying sizes to create perfect brow shapes and detailed definition.

The number of the blade refers to the pin count, so the smaller numbered blades are best for shorter strokes and finer detailing. High count blades are ‘sharp’, but deposits less pigment, and smaller count blades deposit more. It’s a balancing act for the artist to use the right blend for a realistic look, but every blade has its own advantage so an array is needed for the perfect toolkit.

Curved Flat microblades

These blades are typically used to create curved strokes that are often predominantly used in the front half of the brow and arch. The artist can use the front or middle section of the blade, but the entire blade will not be in contact with the skin all at once. This is why practice is essential!

U-shaped microblades

These can require a little more skill but these create curved strokes and can create more dense definition.

Doreme 2Shot Pigment and Doreme Concentrate Pigment

Expert brows will not happen by microblading with blades alone!

Quality pigments made in South Korea by Doreme are included in these Perpetual Permanent Professional Makeup kits in their best-selling shades of brown.

Having Doreme 2Shot offers a light pigment consistency which is perfect for the apprentice. 2Shot is their mid-density pigment that gives you the best of both worlds in one formula compared to their Liquid and Concentrate lines.

You also get Doreme Concentrate which is the creamiest pigment blend that will intensify colour and gives rich but believable coverage.

Doreme is a high quality certified pigment manufacturer that undergoes two sets of extensive testing in both its native South Korea and Germany. 

Dual Sided Practice Skin

You would not expect someone to try microblading for the first time on a real person, would you? This is what practice skin is for.

A seasoned brow shaping expert who knows what they want in brow design would not be advised to try their hand on someone before learning on practice skin either. And even professional artists with years of experience might want to test drive new blades or blade shapes before getting down to work with them. Enter practice skin.

The practice skin included in these kits are durable, realistic and synthetically constructed that provide the feel and texture of real skin. It allows for beginners to learn without disastrous trial and error on an unsuspecting client and learn which blades and sizes suit different face shapes and different styles.

It is an excellent tool to learn and refine each blade’s output so you know the effects each deliver with your own personal technique and individual pressure style.

3D Brow Skin

Similar to a practice skin, a 3D brow skin will allow a beginner or experienced artist to trial a proposed shape and fill. It provides the added benefit of a realistic facial terrain to work with.

These really do create the perfect stand-in as an alternative to an actual person and will help build confidence of a beginner before moving on to real clientele. 

Professionals can also get a lot of use from these when developing new styles and shading effects or techniques that they want to have a dry run with.

Skin Scribe (dual tipped)

Whether you are learning on practice skin or actively microblading real clients, every artist needs a skin scribe to mark key start and end points, overall shape and outlines. These specially designed freehand markers developed for using on skin are the same types of pens that plastic surgeons use on patients to ensure a satisfactory end result. 

Introduction to Microblading Guidebook

Once you have all the tools at your fingertips, where do you start?

The Perpetual ‘Introduction to Microblading Guidebook’ will provide a clear and easy to read manual for learning all of the essential steps to creating outstanding brow results and satisfied clients.

Details for each step are outlined. By breaking down the how-to’s, this guide will provide everything you need to know before embarking on your first microblading design.

Helpful tips as well as best practices for beginners will ensure that you get the most out of your Professional Microblading Kit and understand how to utilise all of the tools included for that perfect, professional looking finish.

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