Tule Park – The Future of Skincare has Arrived!

This episode is in partnership with the amazing brand Skin Diligent

I’m so excited to introduce you to Tule Park and her wonderful skincare brand Skin Diligent.

I was first introduced to Tule at an event that Dr Sophie Shotter was hosting with her. I was instantly excited. Tule was so authentic and passionate and I couldn’t get over how much research she was doing in the fields of epigenetics and the microbiome to ensure that her skincare is truly forward thinking and exceptional.

Tule is about so much more than just skin. She’s obsessed with overall health and everything she does is based on rigorous science and trials.

Skin Diligent is definitely a brand worth exploring. It’s huge in France and I imagine that once people start trying it elsewhere they will become hooked.

Enjoy listening to Tule’s story, views and getting to know this exceptional brand!

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