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Leaders in Solution 7 Wonders Biocellulose Masks

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You know me and how I love a good biocellulose mask, especially when they are nice and thick and at a reasonable price! I picked up A LOT of the Leaders in Solution 7 Wonders sheet masks when their Canadian online store closed down in 2021 (sadness) because I REALLY liked them and figured it was time to share why. I will be so sad when I get through my stash as they are not the easiest to get in Canada and the US site does not ship internationally. 

I had originally taken photos of all seven of the masks and planned to do my typical mini reviews, but after trying four of them in a row, they were almost identical in terms of results and experience so here we are with four reviews instead of seven. I also still have my messed up super dry and flaking skin so I have been somewhat erratic with sheet masking out of fear of angering the sheet mask gods!
Himalayan Camellia Pore Minimizing Mask

Leaders in Solution 7 Wonders Biocellulose Masks

What makes this mask special? Let’s start by saying that all of the Leaders 7 Wonders masks are derived from coconut fermentation and smell ever so slightly fruity. They all fit identically on the face and have a medium biocellulose thickness. The ultimate luxury biocellulose masks are still the ones from Lumeclat and For Beloved One and I haven’t really come across any other brands that rival these two, but the Leaders ones are quite reasonable for the price. 

This particular mask features camellia flower oil which acts a mild astringent and brightens the skin by gently resurfacing it. Other ingredients also include maple extract, chamomile flower extract, witch hazel, licorice root extract and coconut fruit extract all sitting in the top half of the ingredients list.

Leaders in Solution 7 Wonders Biocellulose Masks

Leaders in Solution 7 Wonders Biocellulose Masks

Mask Summary:

Price: $10 CDN

What it does: Treats rough and irritated skin, enlarged pores 

Scent: Slightly fruity

Essence Type: Clear, viscous

Duration: 30 minutes

Thickness: Medium

Mask Fit: Good for this thickness of biocellulose

Tackiness: Light

Hydration: Good and more tacky than I was expecting a “pore-minimizing” mask to be.

Other notes:N/A

Tundra Cranberry Anti-Aging Mask

Leaders in Solution 7 Wonders Biocellulose Masks

I thought that I would feel a big difference between the Himalyan mask and this one since the terms “pore-minimizing” and “anti-aging” tend to mean “not as much hydration” and “lots of hydration”, but I did not. They were both equally hydrating in a good way the only significant difference in ingredient content was the inclusion of cranberry extract which fell about halfway down the ingredients list. Maybe I would need to use a couple of these masks in succession to truly see the effects of collagen formation and repair thanks to the cranberries, but on initial use, this was just a solid biocellulose mask.

Australian Kakadu Plum Anti-Oxidant Mask

Leaders in Solution 7 Wonders Biocellulose Masks

Maybe it was the product name, but I feel like I could smell plums in this one! Kakadu plum has 55x more vitamin C than an orange so this mask is meant to be a brightening one! I have always enjoyed kakadu plum in my skincare and though in this mask it is found closer to the bottom of the ingredients list and in a lower concentration than the fragrance which is a little bit surprising, but I’m not a chemist so who knows how much plum you really need to see results!

Amazonian Acai Revitalizing Mask

Leaders in Solution 7 Wonders Biocellulose Masks

What makes this mask special? This is a revitalizing mask featuring acai fruit extract (just after the halfway point of the ingredients list) to detoxify the skin with a similar “ingredient base” to the other masks which again made it seem very similar in terms of experience and results. It was still a good mask though and one that I enjoyed!

Leaders in Solution 7 Wonders Biocellulose Masks

Final verdict: I think these are a solid biocellulose mask that doesn’t break the bank and has a decent thickness to make them feel luxurious. The masks do not tear easily and are easy to apply. I have tried biocellulose masks that cost less, but were much thinner and you had to be quite careful when taking them out of the packaging. Thin masks also make it hard to apply to the skin as the material sticks to itself. Typically, biocellulose masks don’t leave any tacky finish, but these Leaders masks do which I don’t mind and was merely just an observation. I liked this masks enough to buy 10 of each when the store closed so it’s evident I enjoy them so if you come across them, they are worth picking up!

You can find the Leaders in Solution 7 Wonders Biocellulose Masks at and through random K-beauty e-tailers. I actually picked up my first 7 Wonders mask at Anthropologie a few years ago so they do pop up in random places!


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