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Introducing our Beach Guides

I’m so excited to announce our Beach Guides! Over the summer I designed 2 Beach guides to make your beach trips even more fun, and you can shop them both here in my shop! Both guides are double sided, and are a lil bigger than 5 by 7 inches and feature a key ring so you can secure it in your beach bag. They are also fully laminated, making them splash safe!

Now lets go, I am going to break down each guide + all of the Details!

Meet the Seashell Guide

Our Seashell Guide Features 65 different things you may find on the beach along the East Coast and Gulf Coast of the United States. The front focuses on shells and the back features a mix of shells and other beach finds such as horseshoe crab, sand dollars and more! 

How To Use The Seashell Guide:

1. Find a shell at the beach!

2. Find the shell on the guide that matches closest to your shell! Keep in mind that lots of shells can be found in various colors, so use the shape and edges to ID your find.

3. Once you have found the closest option you have successfully Identified your shell! YAY! If you are still curious since your color isn’t quite what the guide showed, give it a Google! Coquina and Ark’s are both shells that you will find a lot of in different colors, along with lots of other shells, so keep that in mind.

Shop the Guide Here!

Meet the Shark Tooth Guide

Our Shark Tooth Guide is a bit different than our Seashell guide, but I still think you are going to love it, especially if you love hunting for shark teeth at the beach! On the front side of the guide you will find a bunch of illustrated shark teeth that have their names next to them along with a number. This number correlates with the back of the guide. If you look at the back side of the guide you will find all of the same numbers that you saw on the front with the Sharks name next to it, then the really fun part is that you will also then see the silhouette of that said shark!

Quick Tip: When you find a sharks tooth it can be various colors, and more often than not, not white like most think.

How To Use The Shark Tooth Guide:

1. Head to the beach or favorite spot to find shark teeth and find a sharks tooth!

2. Grab your guide and find out which tooth your tooth matches the best. Don’t worry about color at all, we will chat about the color in a bit!

3. Once you’ve located your tooth, check out what number is associated with it, flip your guide over and find the same number and check out the shape of the shark your tooth came from!

Fun Fact: Do you know how shark teeth get their color? Shark Teeth get their color from minerals/chemicals in which they rested! Depending on what minerals are absorbed will determine their color. Plus you can sometimes find them with various mixed colors. I tried to feature a variety on the guide so you can see they won’t always be the same color.

Black = Phosphate

Reddish Orange = Iron

Grey or Yellow = Limestone

Dark Brown = Tannins

All Content Published on belongs to 25 Sweetpeas, and shall only be published on

Shark Tooth Guide + Seashell Guide

All Content Published on belongs to 25 Sweetpeas, and shall only be published on

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