Returning to our Normally Scheduled Programming

I apologize for being MIA for so long: now resolved family issues, health and a new job made for a busy, somewhat stressful month or so. But I’m happy that life has levelled out and I have more ME time. Time to enjoy this beautiful season, a season that’s quickly disappearing here in NL; the leaves are dropping with increasing frequency and the temperatures are in the single digits at night. And I’ve yet to change out the coat closet and bring out the hats and gloves! One of today’s chores.

We celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving and my 69th birthday a few weeks ago. Turkey ‘n’ stuffing, baked squash and NY cheesecake plus so much laughter and so many hugs and kisses from my 2 yr old grandson. Then later, we visited a local farm to see the sunflower patch. 

The actual day of my birthday was a day of calm amidst the busyness that had taken over.  I took myself out for a long forest walk, stopping first for a coffee to drink brookside and a couple of cupcakes for later in the day. I love bringing the colorful leaves back home with me and many are drying beneath my floor rugs. I have a few ideas for them: wax coating perhaps and creating a bunting? They’re just so lovely to look at. 

My new job is homecare for one of my neighbours: nothing strenuous; just a few hours every other week mostly as a companion with a little light housework. So far, it’s gone really well. She’s  pleasant and has a great sense of humor and is very mobile. Although the paycheque is modest, the additional grocery and thrifting money is most welcome. 

She and I have gone thrifting several times and I’ve had some good luck. Here are a few of my finds: 

  • This 60’s metal plantstand: I love the shape. ($15)
  • A gorgeous leather handbag in the perfect autumn color. ($2)
  • And my newest friend: Beatrice the mouse.  I have 2 other stuffies that hold sentimental value. But when I saw this little mouse at a yard sale, there was a definite connection. I brought her home, but found myself wondering why I felt so drawn to a  stuffed toy. Then one day it hit me! My husband and I moved to the country in 1989. We had an elderly neighbour named Bea who walked past our house daily on her way to visit her sister.  She was tall and lanky, wore overalls, men’s shoes and peaked hats; she’d had a very interesting life – had been a nurse during the war, had travelled the world, and she had a fantastic rock and semi-precious gem collection. She loved my wee little daughter Amy and always stopped to speak to her, telling her stories and giving her little treasures, like her first piece of amethyst (which I still have). Bea was soft-spoken and gentle, and we were all sad when she passed. That little mouse reminds me of Bea đź’•. And Totoro and Violet are happy to have another roommate. 

I’ve created a cosy little spot near my table for when I’m using my computer or doing paperwork, a spot that can also be seen from my couch. 

Once upon a time, I had a real fireplace in my home. Then I had a plug-in stove/heater. I was really happy when  another yard sale yielded me this cute little ‘stove’ which lights up. It’s all about the ambience, n’est pas! And once I light up the fireplace channel on U-tube, my little cottage feels so much warmer! (Hahaha! The power of subliminal stimuli!)

I can seen the sun is shining brightly and it’s going to be a beautiful fall morning. So, I’d better eat breakfast and get myself out there. 

Stay warm, keep colorful and Namaste, my friends!

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