Perma Blend Pro-Series: Meet the Collaborators

If you work in or are familiar with the permanent makeup world then chances are you already know about Perma Blend pigments. 

This relatively new American company launched in 2014 and has since become one of the premier brands for artists who microblade and do other types of permanent makeup.

They are well known for their many Pro-Series collaborations with talents in the industry. If you have ever wondered who these collaborators are, read on to learn a little more.

Brow Daddy

Based in Las Vegas, Brow Daddy, aka Ruben Kasper is responsible for mastering the Ombre Powder Brow look. Originally hailing from Germany he relocated to the U.S. in order to expand his skill sets.

As someone who was obsessed with brows and brow shaping his whole life, he has cultivated near rock-star fanaticism. Adored by his fans Ruben is pretty much impossible to book these days, but you can still experience the wow factor of his style as he teaches his process internationally.

Perma Blend collaborated with Ruben to create the Gold Collection which offers an exceptional range of more neutral shades suitable for a wide audience of clientele. Unabashedly glamorous, the Brow Daddy collection looks as good on the artist’s shelf as the pigments do on its clients.

See our Brow Daddy Pigments collection:

Inga Babitskaya

Inga is a Russian artist who is well known the world over for her advanced skills in permanent makeup.

A member of the judiciary and competitive jury for masters of microblading and permanent makeup, she teaches internationally and runs conferences being a certified specialist of her field.

Perma Blend created two carefully curated kits developed with Inga for the ultimate choice for both eyes and lips. Her philosophy shines through in her shade offerings for the brand for another successful collaboration.

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Alexander Sivak

With over two decades in the permanent makeup industry, Alexander Sivak is another Russian artist who joined forces with Perma Blend. 

He is a huge advocate for the PMU industry and how it can radically change lives. He does traditional PMU but also specializes in scar tissue camouflage, areola restoration, and trichopigmentation (scalp pigmentation) for good measure.

The Jet Set collection is a carefully edited range that works beautifully for multiple areas of the face including eyelids, brows, and lips. It is a pretty confident offering for a set that only contains 6 shades so fans of his minimalist approach can be certain that these shades are fairly universal.

There is a seventh bottle though, and it is a thinner that allows you to customize the shades easily. Shades can also be mixed together for the ultimate in personal artistry.

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Kristina Melnicenco

You would not expect Perma Blend to collaborate with anyone less than world-renowned after reading about the previous collections, would you?

Another standout artist, Kristina travels the world teaching countless artists how to make perfect permanent makeup results for clients. She was inspired by her grandmother to take her interest in beauty to the next level by selling makeup door to door from the seventh grade.

What makes the StarLine collaboration that little bit extra special is the vibrant and electric colors that allow artists to create just about any shade of liner they can think of. Everything from turquoise, orange, and purple through to vivid green are in this palette and it really delivers the color payoff you come to expect from Perma Blend.

Kristina developed Foxy Brows and Liner as well as the Aquarell Lip Techniques that are much admired (and copied) the world over.

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Mandy Sauler

Mandy is an American collaborator with Perma Blend, an artist with a difference. 

Two kits are specifically designed with shades for the areola and for scar tissue which enable Mandy and other like-minded artists to believably recreate or camouflage. 

This type of work is what gives Mandy her passion in the PMU industry which shows that after 19 years in the business why she is one the best. Specializing in fine detail work allows her to make outstandingly real replicas or coverups where applicable for clients.

Mandy is also highly sought after for speaking engagements at conferences for her expertise in micropigmentation. She trains people from around the world in her smooth and steady fine line techniques making clients happy every step along the way.

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Lulu Siciliano

Despite a surname that would conjure up visions of Italy, Lulu is from Russia and has gained notoriety as an exceptional permanent makeup artist. 

She declares her mission in life to be making every woman more confident by enhancing what nature gave them.

Perma Blend decided to offer a collaboration for their EvenFlo machine-optimized range of pigments and two kits were born. One for the brows and one for lips, hand-selected by Lulu to allow for a range of shades that would deliver results every time.

She is also a specialist in dark lip correction which has gained in popularity with both men and women who want a lighter lip tone. This is a technique not easy to achieve with natural-looking results and her pioneering spirit to deliver outstanding results has made her a true expert on this topic.

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Tina Davies

A collaborator who probably needs the least amount of introduction, Tina Davies is a true titan of the PMU industry.

Back in 2013 after seeing a Chinese artist microblade at a PMU conference Tina knew then and there she was not content with the usual PMU techniques. 

Deciding to take matters into her own hands she set about researching every type of pigment to figure out what would give the best results. Back then there was not a lot of guidance and it was pretty tough to figure everything out as many products were delivered without any instructions, unverified sterilization, and shoddy packaging.

None of it looked consistent and often things were damaged or looked poor quality. By testing everything and anything Tina began to whittle down the best pigments. So certain that the results needed to be flawless and consistent, Tina microbladed herself to record the healing results and check for light fastness, and colour fade. 

The result? A comprehensive understanding of pigment quality and tones that would give the most realistic, natural look for appreciative clients.

What began as research for personal due diligence turned into a sweeping change in both production of pigments and even tool design. Tina says she knew the industry could do better and so she began her own company out of necessity to her clients and for health and safety reasons.

It was not long before her know-how and expertise led to Perma Blend calling and developing their pre-modified pigment range of I ❤️ Ink by Tina Davies marrying the best with the best.

What is a “Pre-Modified” Pigment?

What makes pre-modified pigment special? Almost every person is cooler on the skin tone spectrum according to experts in the field. This is different to assessing makeup colours that flatter.

Pigment deposits fade over time. When pigments are not warm enough (which is to say not enriched with enough reds, oranges and yellows), the resulting tones left on the skin end up being blue, grey, or purple. Those ashy tones are not natural which means color correction is required to rebalance.

Pre-modified shades are colors that are warmed and typically have a reddish undertone. Pre-modified shades ensure enough warmth is provided to virtually eliminate the issue of healing too cool and “ashing out”. Pigments that are not pre-modified require additives, toners and correctors to achieve optimal results.

It can be a little disconcerting for clients to see the initial warmth of their brows, but it is a necessity for natural results that rarely require the need for a touch up. That certainly makes them worth it!

In closing…

With the growing demand for permanent makeup owing to tools and techniques advancing all the time we can expect more household names in the industry to get lucrative collaborations.

Perma Blend has made some fascinating choices for kits that join their Pro-Series collections. The demand for these ready-to-go kits enables new artists joining the industry to confidently know their chosen palette will enhance and reward clients with expertly chosen shades that flatter.

The additional collaboration for areola reconstruction and scar camouflage should also be noted for their commitment to helping everyone look their best regardless of the reason for PMU.

In short, we cannot wait to see what Perma Blend has to offer the PMU world and who the next collaboration might be with. Artists, are you ready?

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