Kylie Jenner Is Channeling Marilyn Monroe In Her New Blonde Bob

After years of being on Kylie Jenner Hair Color Watch, it’s become clear to me that the entrepreneur and reality TV star isn’t quite as committed to changing things up like she was a few years ago. Remember how much she’d switch shades from 2015 to 2020? What a time to be alive that was. When she suddenly went throwback pink back in January, it looked like this might be the year she’d start playing with color again, but she has since spent 2024 in her gorgeous default deep brunette — until now.

Jenner posted a couple of selfies to Instagram on Friday afternoon wearing a totally unexpected new hairstyle. Lounging around in a white tank top, she snapped a couple photos showing off a look that seems obviously inspired by Marilyn Monroe — or perhaps 1990 Madonna when she was obviously inspired by Marilyn Monroe.

Instead of her go-to long, dark hair, Jenner’s wearing a voluminous blonde bob. The buttery color — not too cool, not too warm — is styled into big, loose, somewhat messy curls that are side-parted and dip in front of her eye, reaching no longer than her chin.

My gut tells me this is a wig, not a dye job and cut, mostly because her brows appear to have been lightened with makeup. And speaking of makeup, her overall look reads quite contemporary compared to the hair, due to an extra-long eyeliner wing and brown ombré lips.

“Did someone say they missed king kylie,” Jenner wrote in the caption, and the fans were ready in the comments with their answers. “This be Marilyn Monroe not King Kylie😂,” one wrote, while another said, “No, this is Kylie Monroe ❤️.”

Will we see more of this look beyond today? With Kylie Jenner, it’s always hard to say. But here’s hoping she decides to switch things up a little more often than twice a year.

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