Is it worth buying golf shirts with UPF protection?

Some of the biggest brands in golf like Peter Millar, Nike, and Adidas are promoting UPF protection in their golf shirts. Is it worth paying a little extra for these shirts? 

The short answer is, if you have the budget you will be getting much more UPF protection. Your traditional cotton golf shirts only have a 5-7 UPF sun protection while these newer golf shirts have up to 50 UPF

Although this new technology in golf shirts is very helpful for preventing sun damage, the most damaging and cancer causing sun is on your face, arms and legs. These areas are in direct contact with the sun and take the most damage. It is important to re-apply sun block protection every few hours on those really sunny days to make sure you’re doing everything you can to shield yourself from the damaging and cancer causing rays of the sun. 

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