How to Know When Your Aging Parent Needs Help

Have you been getting worried about your aging parent, or wondering if they are ok continuing to live as they are?

Maybe they’ve been mostly okay but now you’re spotting some problems with memory, such as forgetfulness or asking the same questions repeatedly. Or maybe you’ve noticed trouble with driving, keeping up the house, managing stairs, or paying bills.

Some aging parents simply begin to seem more withdrawn. Others start leveling accusations at others, claiming someone took or moved something, or acting paranoid.

When families notice these types of changes, it’s often really hard to know what to do next. How do you know if they really need help or not, and what kind of help to get? And what do you do if they refuse to discuss it, or get mad when you bring it up?

Since this is such a common dilemma for families, I’ve recorded a video, explaining exactly what you can do, if you’ve noticed some worrisome changes in your parent and are trying to figure out what to do next. Here’s how to know if your aging parent needs help, and how to talk to them about your concerns.


This video covers:

  • What mental changes are normal as people get older, and what’s not normal
  • The three types of problems you’ll want to check for
  • Specific signs to check for, to detect possible memory or thinking problems
  • How to tell if your parent needs more help around the house or with their daily life
  • The safety red flags I usually check for
  • A more respectful and effective way to talk to your aging parent about how things are going
  • What to stop doing and what to do instead, to reduce conflicts

If you’ve been worried about whether your parent is ok, take a few notes on what to check for and how to talk to your parent.

And then, try this out next time you visit!

Questions? Post them below!

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