How to Improve Skin Elasticity


Loss of skin elasticity is part of the aging process, but it can also be increased by certain environmental and lifestyle factors. On the flipside, having a high-quality skincare routine and protecting your skin from certain stressors can help to improve skin elasticity and slow down its loss. Read on to learn more about what skin elasticity is, why it matters, and how to improve skin elasticity.

What is skin elasticity and why does it matter?

Skin elasticity refers to your skin’s ability to “bounce back” after it is touched or you make a facial expression. Skin elasticity is what makes our skin look plump, tight, and youthful, and it helps to prevent dynamic wrinkles from becoming permanent. Collagen and elastin are the two main compounds that help create skin elasticity.

Unfortunately, we lose collagen and elastin starting in our twenties, with the loss being greatly accelerated after menopause. This loss of elasticity is also accelerated by environmental factors, including exposure to UV rays, smoking, pollution, and an unhealthy diet. Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to improve your skin elasticity.

How to Improve Skin Elasticity

Drink enough water.

If you’re dehydrated, then your skin won’t bounce back as quickly even if you are doing everything else on this list. Therefore, staying hydrated is extremely important. Most people need approximately three to four quarts of water a day, depending on individual needs and how much they sweat. Try to limit consumption of beverages that can have a dehydrating effect, such as caffeine and alcohol.

Wear sunscreen.

Wearing sunscreen every single day is one of the most effective things that you can do to improve skin elasticity. You should be applying a high quality sunscreen of at least SPF to all exposed skin — not just your face but also your ears, neck, and chest. Do this every single day, even if you are just sitting inside, since UV rays can penetrate windows.


Use a retinol.

Retinol and retinoid skin tightening creams help to encourage skin cell production and boost collagen and elastin layers in your skin, making them a powerful anti-aging skincare product. Retinols are best applied at night since they can make your skin more sensitive to the sun. You should also be extra diligent about wearing sunscreen during the day when using a retinoid.

Pick a peptide product.

While peptides haven’t been studied as extensively as retinols, there is some evidence that they can help to improve skin elasticity. That’s because peptides contain the building blocks of proteins, which encourages the skin to build collagen. Try our Lancer Skincare Triple Peptide drops if you’d like to incorporate them into your skincare routine!

Incorporate a hydrating serum.

Hydrating serums that are rich in ingredients like hyaluronic acid attract water to your skin, which helps it to appear plump. Hyaluronic acid serums hydrate your skin from the outside in, while drinking water hydrates it from the inside out, resulting in a powerful combination that supports skin elasticity. If you’re wondering “Why is my skin so dry even when I moisturize,” not using a hydrating serum could be the answer!


Exfoliate your skin.

Exfoliating serums and masks help to remove dead skin cells and encourage the production of new ones, promoting a more youthful complexion and improving skin elasticity. In fact, we think that skin exfoliation is so essential, we made it the first part of our Lancer Method 3-step skincare routine! You can also try our award-winning Caviar Lime Acid Peel if you’d like a more powerful exfoliation experience.

Get enough sleep.

Your skin repairs itself while you sleep, which is why getting good sleep is absolutely essential to improving skin elasticity. You should be getting at least seven to nine hours of deep sleep per night whenever possible. Observing good sleep habits, such as avoiding screens the two hours before bedtime, will contribute to you getting better sleep.

Consider an in-office treatment.

If your at-home treatments and lifestyle changes aren’t getting you the results you want, consider booking a professional treatment at a dermatology office like Dr. Harold Lancer’s. Treatment options include chemical peels, laser treatments, and dermabrasion; your dermatologist will work with you to create a treatment plan that will address your skin elasticity concerns.

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