Healthy Green Bean Casserole From Scratch

Green bean casserole is probably my favorite Thanksgiving dinner dish of all time. Unfortunately, cream-of-mystery-franken-foods-soup is not healthy. Neither are the french-fried onions that typically grace the top of this casserole. (Note: real onions don’t turn crispy when fried by themselves … I tried … they burn)

This was one of my most requested recipes, and I’m happy to share the healthy version. I think I actually prefer this one to the processed version, though it’s been so long that I don’t completely remember how that one tasted. Either way, this one is good! It’s also free of mystery ingredients!

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The Best Green Bean Casserole Recipe

The classic green bean casserole features Campbell’s canned soup and mushy canned green beans. Then the whole thing is topped off with crispy fried onions. Some conventional fried onions in a can surprisingly have fairly decent ingredients, but most still have all-purpose flour so they aren’t gluten-free. Making green bean casserole from scratch isn’t just healthier, but it tastes so much better!

It is a little time-intensive to make, but is worth the effort. You can even make it ahead of time to make prep time faster on Thanksgiving. See the directions below the recipe to make this veggie casserole dish ahead.

Prepping the Green Beans

You can use the typical canned green beans in this recipe, but I really prefer fresh. They’ll take forever to cook in the oven if they aren’t precooked though and by then the onion topping will be burnt. I’ve found that the easiest way is to lightly steam them before I add the mushroom sauce.

Another option some people like is to blanch the green beans in a large pot of boiling water and then put them in ice water in a large bowl.

If you can’t find fresh green beans frozen will also work. Lightly cook them and then drain before adding the mushroom sauce.

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