Enhance Beauty of your home entrance with Unique Name Plates

We recently renovated our house giving it a modern outlook. Everything was changed from top to bottom. But something was amiss and it was the name plate. Our old nameplate was not doing justice to the new modern edgy architecture of the house. Hence, it was time to change it. After going through a lot of options, steel was an instant favourite. It compliments the minimal modern look of the house and frankly, it looks absolutely stunning. 

Why a unique nameplate is important?

A nameplate is a necessity and a decoration for your home. It displays a person’s or family’s name. A good and unique nameplate design can:

  • Help build a first impression on guests
  • Identify your home among other homes in your surroundings
  • Be a part of your identity and the people living in the house
  • Mark the day when you entered the new house
  • Give respect to the elders by mentioning their name and identity to every family member
  • Inform people of dangerous areas, chemicals, and safe locations in times of emergency
  • Be an elegant and understated way to roll out the red carpet to visitors
  • A nameplate should be easy to read, distinct, and pleasing to the eye.

What are the various options for nameplates?

According to Vastu Shastra guidelines, a home’s main entrance serves as both a focal point for the family and a source of energy. This makes it difficult for visitors to find their way to you if your residence lacks a nameplate. With various options available, you can now easily choose something according to your taste. But if you believe in Vastu Shastra, these tips will help you to choose from nameplate collections. 

  • You can use yellow colour for an east-facing house. 
  • For a south-facing house, it is considered good to use a red-coloured nameplate. 
  • For a west-facing house, you can use a nameplate of any colour in light grey, black, golden silver, or bronze.
Nutcase India brand offers a variety of selection in nameplates. You can find wooden nameplates for homes with traditional or earthy vibes. For those who want to add a personal touch, designer nameplates are a perfect choice. And if your house is modern and edgy like ours, metal nameplates and acrylic nameplates are best for you. 

My experience with nameplates by Nutcase India

We ordered a stainless steel nameplate from Nutcase India. And frankly, I was not expecting it to be this good. To my surprise the quality of steel is impeccable. It is not something flimsy or thin sheet, but a solid thick stainless steel plate with a matte finish. 

And they also provided the metal studs to support the plate. There was an option of going with flat stickers or 3D acrylic letters. So we chose the 3D acrylic ones as the embossed letters look really nice. 

The packaging was also pretty neat. It came with a layer of paper on the plate, wrapped nicely in a foam sheet. And all this at just Rs. 1999. 

Prices can vary depending on the material of the nameplate and letters used so you have a lot of options for personalisation. Once you place the order, you can request them for font changes. They will send you an image for design confirmation before processing the order. So, if you have any changes, request them to make it. 

A nice nameplate can make your home entrance really attractive. Hence, pay a little extra attention to its design and look. Nutcase India has a nice range at affordable prices, so make sure to explore them. It will make your search for that perfect nameplate so much easier. 

And if you have any other questions regarding my experience with Nutcase India, ask me in the comment section or on Instagram.  

Lots of Love!!!

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