Does It Actually Help with Hair Loss?

Bad hair days are annoying, but experiencing massive hair loss is demotivating.

Being a part of a culture that is steeped in the richness of cultivating new methods to thicken, strengthen, and regenerate hair, hair loss can be challenging to navigate. From plant-based formulas to dousing your scalp in castor oil, these hair remedies were passed down from generation to generation as a gift from our ancestors and beyond.

However, I found that I needed more than these at-home treatments to work for me.

I began to notice my hair fall once I entered my twenties. The fact that I had to face hair fall at such an early age made me really upset. I wanted to be able to tie my long, luscious hair up without the fear of a hairband or other accessories pulling on my hair, causing it to fall off.

So I delved into home remedies, nourishing my scalp as much as I could but never saw any substantial results. Several months had passed, but my hair loss didn’t seem to lessen at all. I had no idea why it was happening, and it was starting to take a toll on my self-confidence and mental health.

I had just moved cities and wondered if the changes in weather and water could have been the cause. My scalp had become dry and I had started to notice excessive dandruff. I tried multiple anti-dandruff shampoos available in the market but the results weren’t sustainable. After having worried about my hair for years and years, I was ready to give up. During this time, I had even tried gummies, hair vitamins, and everything else you could think of. I had given up on hoping for a remedy that would work for me.

That’s when I stumbled upon Traya’s Hair Growth Kit while scrolling through Instagram. Naturally, I was skeptical in the beginning. My mother knew about my plan to test out the Traya treatment, and she seemed less apprehensive. With a push from her and with an assurance that I had her standing by my side, I decided to test it out for myself, after going through tons of Traya review and doing my research. After all, what more could I have lost? 

Traya Hair

How Traya’s Treatment Can Help Address Common Hair Concerns

Taking care of your hair goes beyond just looking good – it’s a key component of your holistic health and well-being.

After reading the Traya Health reviews, I realized how damaging neglecting my hair health could be. Hair loss can be due to one primary factor or multiple underlying root causes. And believe me, after struggling so much already, I couldn’t risk any more factors of hair loss coming into play.

So, I tried to understand why proper hair care matters. Every day, your hair is exposed to pollution, UV rays, and dust – talk about a battle against these elements! On top of that, poor dietary choices and not giving your tresses the attention they need may affect your hair goals. Not to mention stress, hormonal imbalances, and internal health factors.

When I stumbled upon Traya’s treatment, I was intrigued by their claims to address various hair concerns. With promises to cater to all hair types and issues, including dryness, frizz, scalp problems, and even hair loss, I wondered how they could fix my hair loss because, at this point, it seemed almost impossible. Nevertheless, I decided to give it a try.

After consistently following the treatment, my hair fall had drastically reduced after three months. I noticed a visible difference, and it was then that I started gaining back my lost confidence and wearing my hair down once again. Not having to convince myself about wigs and extensions was a major relief.

I am now convinced that mere products can never be the solution to sustained hair health. Our hair requires a holistic approach and that is what Traya gave me. Today, my hair almost feels the same as it used to and I could not be more thankful.

How Does Traya Work? The Step-by-Step Process

Let me take you through my experience. After having binged on the several reviews available to me about Traya, I decided to go for the treatment.

This is what I discovered:

Traya Hair Test

Step 1: Hair Test

I was nervous about this step because I was convinced that I would have been told that there was no way I could achieve the long hair of my dreams again. I managed to push the nervousness aside and began with a free online hair test, which was the starting point for everything else. I answered questions about my lifestyle, about my scalp health and uploaded my scalp pictures for an in-depth analysis and an overall scalp assessment.

Step 2: Root Cause Revealed

This step was the one I was most anxious about since it would give me all the information I would need about the root cause of my hair fall. So, upon receiving my Traya hair test results, I got some extremely valuable information about my hair health and potential causes. Depending on your stage of hair loss and root cause, Traya tailors a treatment plan to fit each customer’s specific needs.

Step 3: Customized Doctor-Approved Treatment Plan

Based on my responses, the hair test algorithm offered treatment recommendations. My Traya treatment kit was shipped once their doctor went through my hair test responses and signed off on the prescription. Traya recognizes that every customer’s hair is unique, and each challenge requires a unique and holistic approach.

Step 4: First Kit Sent to the Consumer

I was quite excited to get my hands on the first Traya kit. This kit contained everything that was needed to begin my hair transformation process. It was sent directly to my doorstep. I was given doctor-verified medications, supplements, and lifestyle and dietary advice. I was extremely nervous yet thrilled to begin my hair regrowth journey.

The Ongoing Support

I discovered that Traya’s commitment does not end with the delivery of the kit, rather it is the beginning.  They recognize that maintaining healthy hair requires long-term guidance and support. I

was able to book a call with Traya’s hair coach, who answered any and every question I had. The hair coach offered me advice, and if anything from my treatment plan didn’t suit my needs, they were ready to alter it to my specific requirements. In fact, what I appreciated the most was the fact that I could just reach out to a hair coach by just booking a simple call who made sure to check on my progress.

I hadn’t come across any such treatments in the past wherein they would take so much care of their customers by putting in efforts to check in on them and monitor their progress.   In this way, I was able to receive more than enough guidance and encouragement that I needed to be able to achieve my personal hair goals.

Common Questions I Can Answer After Having Tried Traya

Can Traya Regrow Hair?

Personally, I followed the regimen consistently for 5-6 months along with a healing diet plan, and I was able to notice a visible reduction in hair loss and witnessed my hair quality getting better over time.

If you have been regular with the complete treatment plan for a period of 5 whole consecutive months but did not see any regrowth or control in hair fall, the brand also offers a 100% money-back guarantee.

Does Traya Use Minoxidil?

Traya’s 2% Minoxidil Hair Growth Serum is made specifically for women suffering from hair loss. Traya product reviews state that this serum uses Minoxidil and Procapil. These ingredients have been clinically proven to be safe to use, to promote healthy and nourished hair. All you have to do is use the dropper in order to distribute the serum on the affected areas on a clean scalp.

What Is The Cost Of Traya Treatment per month?

The anti-hairfall kit containing the hair serum, hair oil, and treatment is available at around Rs 1699. However, as per my personal experience, the entire treatment plan cost depends on numerous factors and can depend on variables like the stage of hair fall and root cause(s). Based on these factors, Traya will give you a customized treatment plan for the recommended duration, based on your hair condition.

But remember, it is essential to stay consistent with the treatment in order to see tangible results.

Bottom line

Traya’s treatment truly stood out to me! Traya’s health reviews were filled with people raving about their innovative approach to hair loss and that was what pushed me to try it in the first place.

It’s interesting how they tackle hair loss in such a transparent way. That being said, it is essential to remember that no product or treatment works overnight. Taking a realistic approach to hair loss treatment is key.

250,000 customers have chosen Traya, and 93% of customers have seen results. I am extremely glad to have come across it. All the effort had finally paid off, and I can finally walk out of my house with utmost confidence, knowing that my hair was slowly but surely going back to what it used to be.

Ultimately, if you’re struggling with hair concerns, it is definitely worth giving Traya a try. However, it is imperative to be realistic, engage in thorough research, and consult with professionals in order to make an informed decision.

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