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It does appear that every other advertisement in the magazines for skincare products lays the claim that it has found the recipe for youth – at least for the problem of wrinkles. And if you are somebody who worries a lot about the signs that show your age, you are one of the many people who will try almost anything that shows the promise of keeping you young, glowing ad firm.

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They Promise Of The Moon

And like all things that promise the moon, most of these claims made by these skin products that you can buy over the counter do not really deliver. Given that products like make ups, night creams, moisturizers, and foundations with the claimed anti-aging effects usually fall under the category of cosmetics, not drugs, the claims that their marketing teams make do not need to be subjected to the same levels of scrutiny as medicines. They are not even required to go through scientific trials of their products at all.

Now that does not mean that everything being sold in the market is a total waste of your hope and money though. We had a chat with dermatologists who have been certified by the board in order to find out if it is even possible to get rid of wrinkles and other signs associated with aging – and the things that you should not worry about at all.

Dermatologists Recommend Sunscreen For Fighting Wrinkles

As per Eva A. Rieder, MD, who works as assistant professor in the Department of Dermatology (Ronald O. Perelman) at NYU Langone Health, when it comes to the subject of available products that have anti-aging properties, you just cannot beat sunscreen. The best that you can do for yourself is prevent sun damage completely, which can result in or even worsen signs that show aging, even before it really happens.

Shari Lipner, MD, who holds a Ph.D. and works as a dermatologist at NewYork-Presbyterian and Weill Cornell Medicine, also agreed with Rieder on this subject. She told the INSIDER that sunscreen happens to be one of the only products that you should really be investing your time and money in. She regularly advises here patients to go looking for sunscreens that provide broad spectrum UV protection, are water resistant, and have an SPF of at least 30.

If There Is Visible Damage, Then Stick To Retinoids And Retinols

Lipner and Rieder both recommend that retinols (that are available in a lower dosage and can be bought over the counter) and retinoids (that have the strength of equivalent prescription drugs) should be considered as reliable and compelling products that have been proven to work effectively towards undoing the effects of ageing of skin.

Rieder says that he tends to think about retinoids as very slow peels that are very helpful in keeping the skin fresh by turning it over. Lipner goes on to explain that, unlike most of the active ingredients that have been advertised to supposedly help in anti-aging, there is data that is available which goes decades back and notion that retiniods can be very helpful in reduction of wrinkles and in combating other signs associated with aging.

Lipner says that it is the only known medication for which we have seen evidence. Hence, your best bet is use retinols or retinoids to reduce the signs of ageing of skin. So, if you are really keen on turning back the clock on your wrinkles that have already started to show, your best options are to use retinoids or retinols.

Everything Else On The Market Is A Gamble

Apart from what has been proven to work, anti-aging cream on the market that make tall claims can actually hurt or do absolutely nothing to how your screen looks.

All the other active ingredients that are commonly marked as anti-aging may not necessarily be total crap-shoots, but they are definitely not based on strong evidence.

Some of the anti-aging creams on the market are particularly interesting. There are products such as antioxidants. Then there are peptides, which actually are small proteins which can help in stimulation of new cells to grow and also in healing of skin. There are alpha hydroxy acids which can spread out the skin. But most of these are really based on mere theoretical evidence or small studies that were not controlled well. So, it is not really safe to recommend any of these anti-aging creams to anyone.

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