Christmas GIfts for Her (That She’ll Love!)

As a mom, I’ve been given plenty of gifts over the years. But it can be tricky to find the perfect gifts for the women in your life. This gift guide has holiday gifts for moms, sisters, aunts, wives, BFFs, and every other woman on your list. While you’re at it, don’t forget to get a few for yourself too!

Best Gifts for Women

The best gifts are ones that she’ll use and love. I don’t stay on top of all the trending gifts, but I’ve discovered some tried and true presents over the years. Christmas gift ideas don’t have to be hard or complicated. Often it’s the simple things, like handmade items or DIY beauty gifts that are the most treasured.

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While I love making DIY products to give out, it’s also nice to buy loved ones’ other thoughtful gifts too. And of course, they have to be as natural and healthy as possible! That leaves out gadgets like Bluetooth AirPods or chemical-filled beauty products. Thankfully there are still plenty of quality gifts that I can feel good about giving to friends and loved ones!

Christmas Gifts For Her

The list below contains a lot of practical gifts that I’ve appreciated getting over the years. Coffee makers and blankets may not be sexy, but I’ve really enjoyed getting and using them. You’ll also find items to pamper her and have some fun (like a massage or art supplies). Some of the gifts are more of a splurge (ahem… husbands), but there are some cheaper options too.

Plus we can’t forget the stocking stuffers! I’ve included plenty of ideas for those below. With nearly 50 ideas, there’s sure to be something for every woman on your list.

  1. Amazon Gift Card – Need I say more?
  2. Real Plans Membership – My biggest time saver – this plans all of my meals and shopping lists and can handle allergies, bulk prep day, and more.
  3. Shiatsu Massage Pillow – Seriously rivals an actual massage for half the price!
  4. Hydro Flask Water Bottle – The water bottle I use that keeps water cool (or hot) for days.
  5. Purity Coffee – If you’re looking for a perfect cup of joe, look no further. Team this up with a coffee maker and you have a perfect gift set for any mom, wife, or best friend.
  6. Dry Farm Wines – If she doesn’t like coffee, maybe wine is the way to her heart. I had the opportunity to visit the vineyards with the Dry Farm team a few years ago and I can’t recommend their natural wines enough. They’re keto, paleo-friendly, sugar-free, lower alcohol, and organic. Don’t forget to throw in some wine glasses.
  7. Wake-up Light Gentle Alarm Clock – Wake up gently to gradual light and sound.
  8. Caraway Bakeware or Cookware – I have the full cookware set from Caraway as well as some of their bakeware. These are non-toxic pots and pans that have been tested safe, all while having some fun external colors to match your kitchen colors.
  9. Himalayan Salt Lamp – These beautiful lamps have a soothing, warm, orange glow at night that really adds to the home decor. I like this one because it’s unique and is really pretty to look at.
  10. Blue Blocker Glasses – I wear these after dark for better sleep (some studies show avoiding blue light after dark helps melatonin levels). There are some fun colors and patterns to play with.
  11. 10,000 Lux Light – Feel blue in the winter? I use this super-bright light for self-care to keep my cortisol levels healthy.
  12. Le Creuset – Incredible (but pricey) cookware. I’ve been collecting a few pieces over the years and resisting the urge to buy them all!
  13. French Press Coffee Maker – Make wonderful coffee with this classic method. (And see above for the perfect coffee to use with this.)
  14. Instant Pot – Revolutionize dinner! This electric pressure cooker makes roasts in about an hour and turns tough cuts of meat into deliciously tender meals. Plus it can cook beans, rice, and so much more in a fraction of the time. There’s even an option to make your own yogurt.
  15. Grown-up Coloring Book and Markers – Coloring isn’t for kids anymore and studies show it may reduce stress levels. Try a “grown-up coloring book.”
  16. Music – I love to fill our house with Christmas music this time of the year. Whether it’s on while we decorate or when we’re opening presents, it’s a must-have for our family. Another functional option is music by Wholetones. They offer therapeutic music to help Mom sleep or relax.
  17. A good book – Just off the top of my head… maybe The Wellness Mama 5-Step Lifestyle Detox or The Wellness Mama Cookbook? ? Okay, I’m biased, but it’s a great way to have all of the best recipes and health hacks on the site at your fingertips. I also put together this post on the most recommended books by my podcast guests.
  18. Always Pan – This is your all-in-one pan that makes cooking and cleanup a breeze. It comes in different colors and brings some fun into the kitchen!
  19. Blanket – I like this GOTS-certified organic cotton throw blanket. Winter is a time when I find myself curled up with a book and a cup of tea, and a good blanket is necessary during these colder months.
  20. Yogurt Maker – Homemade yogurt tastes so much better than store-bought and is simple to make.
  21. Ice Cream Maker – Make any kind of ice cream: dairy-free, sugar-free, etc.
  22. Glass Electric Tea Kettle – Make tea in seconds with this glass electric tea kettle.
  23. HigherDOSE Sauna Blanket – I’ve shared many times how sauna use can impact our health and if you don’t have the space for a full sauna, these sauna blankets are such an easy and great option! BON CHARGE also has a sauna blanket that’s really good.
  24. Journal – Journaling has been such a great way for me to organize my thoughts for the day. These gorgeous lined journals come in plenty of colors for her to write down her thoughts and create.
  25. Knitting Kit – Does she love trying new hobbies? Get her a learn-to-knit kit, complete with yarn, knitting needles, and a how-to-knit book.
  26. Art Supplies – I’m a big fan of painting and drawing and love to do it with my kids. Here’s an acrylic art painting set, or you can get this watercolor paint set that comes in a gorgeous tin.
  27. Foot massager – This wooden foot roller massager is an affordable and easy way to get a foot massage.
  28. Windowsill Garden Kit – She can grow organic herbs or flowers, even in a small space. This windowsill kit includes seeds and a beautiful planter. Hamama is also a great option for a growing kit.
  29. Cork Yoga Mat – One of my must-haves for working out.
  30. Fabletics Leggings – I love wearing a pair of cozy leggings at home, plus they’re great for working out in.
  31. Cozy Clothes – If leggings aren’t her thing, then maybe some cozy loungewear or sweats are? Or maybe she’d prefer a long sleeve cashmere sweater or a cardigan? Beat fast fashion and get quality second-hand clothing from ThredUp. Or buy new from an eco-friendly sustainable clothing brand.
  32. Organic Tea Subscription Box – Give her the gift that keeps on giving. Choose from green tea, herbal teas, black teas, and more in this monthly tea subscription.
  33. Rose Gold Stud Earrings or these jade stud earrings make a great gift. Get her a jewelry box to store them in too!
  34. Tote Bag – These stylish reusable canvas tote bags are great for shopping, on the beach, or as a carry-on bag.
  35. Crossbody Bag – This small canvas crossbody bag is perfect for tweens, teens, and older. There are tons of designs to choose from and it has zippered compartments to keep things organized.
  36. Gift Box – This isn’t a gift in itself, but this reusable gift box is an elegant way to package small gifts. She can keep it for storage, or re-gift it.
  37. Essential Oil Diffuser – There are some really affordable diffusers that make a unique gift. Don’t forget a few essential oils to go with it! Plant Therapy also has some nice essential oil gift sets for the holiday season.
  38. Keepsake Book – This story prompt program sends one thought-provoking question to mom or grandma every week for a year via email. At the end of a year, or whenever they feel ready, they will compile all their stories into a beautiful keepsake book. This personalized gift is also great for last-minute because it doesn’t require shipping!
  39. Alitura Clay Mask – Or really anything from this brand. I love that they have clean ingredients and I really feel like I’m pampering my skin. Their clay mask features nutrient-dense ingredients that exfoliate dead skin, reduce pore openings, stimulate blood flow, and encourage new skin cell growth. 

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