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Summer 2021 is upon us! Bright Neon colours are seen all over the runways and it extends down to our nails. Last week, I had the chance to give these China Glaze Havana Nights nail polishes a try, and I am absolutely loving it! Read more below about these nail polishes and my thoughts on them.

china glaze havana nights summer 2021 full collection

Before we start, I’d like to thank Nail Polish Canada for sending me this collection for review. All opinions on the China Glaze Havana Nights nail polishes are based on my own experience. For a full disclosure on PR package please read my disclaimer below.

Alright, let’s get going! The full Havana Nights collection contains 6 bottles of 14ml nail polishes – Guava Mama (Neon Pink), Takes Two to Mango (Neon Orange with Gold Shimmer), Tropic Like it’s Hot (Neon Yellow-Green), Cuba Diving (Light Blue), Left My Heart in Havana (Purple) and Head to Moji-toes (bright Green).

These polishes retail for $8.45 each or $42.50 for the whole set at Nail Polish Canada.

china glaze havana nights summer 2021

As you know, my wardrobe is filled with black clothing and whenever possible, I love to add pop of colours into my look through accessories, makeup and nails! These nail polishes couldn’t have come at a better timing! I’ve been in a slump and this year, for some reason I’ve been craving colours. These bright neon nail polishes are exactly what I needed to freshen up my look!

Let’s talk about China Glaze nail polishes themselves first. I do have a couple colours that I’ve bought in the past from this brand, and from what I remembered China Glaze nail polishes have excellent pigment pay-off. These nail polishes reminded me of how much I love China Glaze products – 2 thin layers of the polishes and I’m good to go. They dry pretty quickly too! I love how solid and vibrant the colours are.

china glaze havana nights swatches

Out of the 6 colours, I felt that Tropic Like it’s Hot (Neon Yellow/Green) is the thinnest, I needed 3 coats of the colour to avoid my nail from being streaky. It could be that I didn’t shake the bottle well, so I might have to try it again in the near future. Will give you guys an update on it. Tropic Like it’s Hot is also one of my favourite colours from the collection. So Neon, so bright! Love it!

If you followed me on Instagram, I posted a story the other day about how long lasting the nail polishes are. So, for the purpose of testing, I skipped on the base and top coat. I wanted to know how durable the nail polishes are.

Based on my own personal experience, I have no luck with regular nail polishes. They tend to chip rather quickly even with base and top coats. My other brands’ regular nail polishes chipped within 24-hour. To my surprise, these Havana Night nail polishes lasted a 36-hour before the first sign of chipping. I’m excited to try these on with base and top coats next time!

This durability could be because China Glaze uses China Clay as nail hardener for a long-lasting result. That’s a win in my book!

I adore all the 6 colours from the collection, I love how vibrant and colourful they are. Out of the 6, only 1 contains shimmer in it – Takes Two to Mango (Orange), while the rest are a cream finish. The shimmer doesn’t really do anything to me. I can barely see it and it feels quite gritty, like sand. I could make do without the shimmer, to be honest. The Orange colour is already so beautiful on its own.

All in all though, if you love Neon and bright colours, I think this is a collection that you should definitely try for Summer 2021.

china glaze Head to Moji-toes and takes two to mango nail polishes


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