Best dermarollers and which ones to avoid at all costs!

So, you are looking for the best dermaroller? 

1. The most important thing is that you do not purchase FAKE/IMITATION dermarollers that are made with wheeled discs, but instead a dermaroller with REAL needles. You might wonder, how do you know the dermaroller uses real needles though?


If the dermaroller has 540 needles (or more)– it is 100% a FAKE dermaroller that does not use real needles. These can cause more harm than not and I would totally at all costs avoid them!

Once you get the hang of it how different they look, you spot it immediatly. 

I’ll show you a couple of fake/imitation dermarollers:

Do you see on each of these the line that is dividing the roller in different sections? Those are clearly stacked discs and not real needles. Often times fake dermarollers look metallic (top 2) or like solid plastic (bottom 2).

Now let me show how real dermarollers with real needles look like:

A real dermaroller has 192 real needles inside of a rubber roller- the rubber part is often see-through. Turquoise, blue but also yellow rubber are common. The roller- head does not look metallic or like solid plastic. Do you see it?

2. The other difference of dermarollers to consider is from which material the needles are made: titanium or stainless steel. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Titanium needles are more durable and they stay longer sharp. However, stainless steel is more sterile than titanium! I think you can not go wrong with either one though. Keep it clean, have your rubbing alcohol ready to disinfect and throw the dermaroller out if it feels like it got blunt.

3. The needle length is another important thing to consider!

  • 0.25mm: a good starter for the face, especially the under-eye area to treat fine lines wrinkles- can be done every 2 days if your skin allows it.
  • 0.5 mm: if you are used to 0.25, use this up to 1x/week on your face 
  • 0.75 mm: if you are ok for a while with the 0.5mm you could try this every 3 or 4 weeks.
  • 1.00 mm: for the pro: no more than every 4 weeks!

Honestly I do not recommend to go deeper than 1.00mm yourself. Go see an esthetician. 😉

Here are my recommondations of the best dermarollers:

1. Angel Kiss 192 Derma Roller REAL NEEDLES // Amazon

2. INCELLICE Derma Roller Professional Microneedle Roller // Amazon

3. Derma Microneedling Roller Real Needle MOOKARDILANE // Amazon

4. Derma Microneedling Roller 192 Real Individual Needles Stainless Steel by MOOKARDILANE // 

5. ZGTS Derma Roller Micro Needle – 0.25MM 192 Needle Titanium Luxury Roller // 

Happy dermarolling!

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