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The solution to stress breakouts

Written by Kelly Chua

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Stress has now become an inevitable part of our lives. Whether it’s at work, we’re stressing about getting promoted, meeting quotas, or simply not screwing up. Maybe it’s at home, where we’re stressing about our kids, chores, and significant others. Stress follows us everywhere! When we’re stressed, hormones like cortisol act up. Excess amounts of cortisol cause our body to produce excess oil, which gives us acne. Having acne causes stress for most people, and thus the cycle continues: acne, stress and repeat. To break this cycle, invest in high-quality skincare. Here are some tips on how to avoid acne when we’re stressed and some tips on how to destress:

  1. Practice Self-Care

This seems obvious, but the best solution to stress and its negative effects is to attack it at its core. When life becomes stressful, we often forget to prioritize our basic needs. Try to avoid stress by taking care of yourself. Get enough sleep (at least 8 hours or as much as you can get), treat yourself, do relaxation techniques, and eat healthily.

  1. Cleanse Your Skin

When we’re stressed, it can often cause acne and inflammation in our face. Our face becomes puffy, and we look extra stressed. My secret to battling this is to use Clear Clinical’s Calming Cleanser. It cleanses my skin which reduces acne, while also reducing the inflammation on my face. It calms my stressed, puffy face all the time!

  1. Moisturize & Hydrate Your Skin

three medical-grade skincare products are seen having treating sensitive skin issues.Stressed skin can have broken skin barriers that allow for more acne. It’s important to moisturize your skin to regenerate and rebuild your skin’s protective barrier. Clear Clinical’s Calming Balm with MicroSilver is perfect for this. I use this 3 times daily, moisturizing my sensitive skin. It also contains Naringenin and Bisabolol, which have anti-inflammatory properties — great for stressed skin. Also, drink lots of water (at least 8 glasses of water a day). Staying hydrated can also moisturize your skin!

  1. Use Face Masks

When you’re stressed, it shows! Your skin can look fatigued and tired. Use a face mask like Darphin’s Vetiver Oil Mask to combat this. This mask helps your skin battle stress and helps it rebuild its barriers. It helps your skin look radiant and healthy instead of stressed and fatigued. Moreover, the calming aroma of this mask can help with your stress!

  1. Find an Outlet

Find ways to destress! Whether it’s binge-watching your favorite TV show or playing your favorite sport, destressing is an excellent way to keep your skin healthy. Never underestimate the power of your mind to communicate with your body. When you’re happy, your skin is happy.

It’s impossible to live stress-free, but we can manage the negative effects of stress and try our best to destress. These are only a few tips on anti-stress skin care. I hope you have healthy skin, free from acne and inflammation despite the ongoing stresses in your life!

Happy skincaring <3

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