Amouage Jubilation 25 Perfume Review

I forgot that I was easing into wearing perfume, and went back to my old habit of doing four sprays first thing in the day – that is, 4 sprays of Amouage Jubilation 25. I forgot how concentrated it is, so everyone got to smell it. This is a chypre, and as a perfume-lover I know that there’s a peach, a mossy drydown, a sparkly aldehydic opening, and some florals thrown in, but it was interesting to hear other people’s impressions of it. It’s superbly blended so I can’t always pick out the notes, but I feel like I’m wearing a wool tweed skirt suit when this perfume surrounds me, even when I’m in a hoodie and running shoes.

Comments I got:

It smells like a melting glue gun in here!

It smells amazing in here. (What does it smell like?) Perfume! It’s you!

Wow, it smells so good in here. Like a crystal shop! Good vibes, earthy and sweet.

I think the “sweetness” is the resinous labdanum, which adds so much richness to Jubilation 25, showing up more when the scent warms up on your skin. It lasts without wearing out its welcome.

Super thankful for this decant which was given to me by a perfume friend. It’s being enjoyed, and I’m putting a full bottle on my wish list. Hopefully, it’ll be mine before the end of the year.

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