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Coffee is the most widely consumed drink in the world. Every
morning, I drink two to three cups of black coffee, half decaf and half regular. Every night around 5:30, I drink black decaf. I
have been drinking coffee all my adult life and I really enjoy drinking it,
whether pressed, perked, Turkish, espresso, or freshly brewed. This recent
study hit home.

What is the impact of
coffee intake on mortality? According to a recent study published in the Annals
of Internal Medicine
(31 May 2022), coffee drinkers are 30% less likely to
die and moderate consumption suggests lower risk for death. Liu et al. (2022)
conducted a longitudinal prospective cohort study, following different
groups of individuals over time with follow-up in 2009 through 2018. Individuals
with cancer or cardiovascular disease were excluded from enrollment, as this
type of study follows participants before disease develops. Adults in the study
had a mean age of 55.6 years. The coffee drinkers consumed both decaffeinated
and caffeinated coffee, with and without sugar, with and without artificial
sweetener, and black. The analysis suggests that moderate coffee consumption is
associated with a lower risk for death.

Please note that the
coffee consumed in this study did not include sugar-laden lattes and
coffee-flavored sugary drinks loaded with syrup and whipped cream. In fact, participants
in the study added who added sugar used approximately one teaspoon per cup, or the
equivalent to a packet of sugar.


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