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Thanksgiving Colors

With Turkey Day quickly nearing, it’s time to incorporate some cozy and festive colors into your daily look. With the beautifully roasted colors of autumn on hand, you’ll be able to effortlessly create some classy and stunning nail art!

At a glance

  1. Blazing red and orange
  2. Mysterious maroon
  3. Jelly nudes
  4. Rich mocha and bright yellow
  5. Shades of blood-red
  6. Black, white, and everything in between
  7. Cozy taupe
  8. Mountain blue
  9. Pumpkin orange

From crispy taupe to blazing maroon, there are plenty of Thanksgiving tones to choose from. With some subtly colorful nail designs, you’ll be able to create a color palette that will truly elevate your sense of style and creative interests.

Keep reading, and we’ll share the best color combinations for your nail art during the season of gratitude and giving.

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#1. Blazing red and orange

someone's hand with warm colored nails in front of foliage thanksgiving color red tablecloth brighter colors table setting fall red tablecloth pumpkins green fall

Your nail art provides the perfect opportunity to explore your creativity while helping you get in the mood for the festive season.

With an elegant and gorgeous Thanksgiving palette in mind, you’ll have some amazing inspiration on hand for your nail designs. After all, that’s the foundation for it all!

Indulge in the warmth of Thanksgiving color palettes

If you’re looking to incorporate some Thanksgiving colors into your next nail look, you can never go wrong with warm colors.

Even though temperatures are dropping, leaves are changing, and snow is on the horizon, some rustic and warmhearted tones on your fingertips are bound to keep you cozy. Whether you enjoy sipping on a spiced latte or simply sitting in front of the fireplace, there are many ways to stay warm in your heart this year.

Beautiful Thanksgiving colors that are perfect for this time of year

Most know that traditional Thanksgiving colors include the basics like reds, oranges, and yellows. And these gorgeous shades are perfect for curating your own rustic palette.

Rustic red, burnt orange, mustard yellow, and perhaps a subtle beige make up this particular nail look. Taking inspiration from holiday pumpkins, glowing candles, or an elegant autumn sunset, these colors are perfect for creating your Thanksgiving nail art color scheme.

#2. Mysterious maroon

someone's hands with red nails holding a sweater thanksgiving color scheme thanksgiving colors pink place settings table setting green table table table green

Red colors are perfect all year round, and there are seemingly endless possibilities associated with this color. From a calming pastel coral to a dramatic scarlet red, you can’t go wrong with this color during the holidays – and that includes Thanksgiving!

One of the best yet underrated Thanksgiving colors is maroon. This rich and deep shade is wonderfully reminiscent of red while carrying notes of deep blues and purples.

A telling color that will inspire confidence and sophistication

This particular color isn’t like the classic reds that you’ll likely see more and more as Christmas nears.

Instead, it offers a more laid-back yet professional take on the traditional colors of the holiday season. It’ll help you stay relaxed and comforted as the weather turns dreary.

#3. Jelly nudes

someone's hand wearing a sweater with long translucent stiletto nails home decor pop gold pink gold pumpkins white pumpkins thanksgiving color scheme orange

Somewhat recently, we’ve seen a rise in the popularity of jelly nails as celebs continuously don this look. This sheer, ultra-glossy nail art isn’t going anywhere it seems, and it’s well worth it to incorporate this trend into your holiday nail look!

With the right Thanksgiving colors and this iconic finish, it’ll be easy to create some fashionable and stunning nails, complete with the foundation of fall colors.

You can never go awry with nude nails

At any point in the year, nude nails are always a go. For starters, they pair well with any and all looks, so it’ll be easy to use your nails to complement your daily fit.

Plus, nude nails can give an impression of sophistication, confidence, and style all in one go.

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#4. Rich mocha and bright yellow

someone's hands with brown and yellow nails green decor beige light green yellow ideas beige gold decor pink white plates home decor orange thanksgiving table fall

When it comes to classic Thanksgiving colors, one of the best color schemes includes a rich, mocha brown and vivid yellow.

These two colors together provide a stark and telling contrast while letting you indulge in the beauty of traditional Thanksgiving colors.

Don’t forget to spice up your nail art with some classic fall foliage designs

If you’re looking for the perfect Thanksgiving colors for your holiday nail art, it’s important not to overlook the details.

To truly steal the show and showcase your love for all things autumn, don’t forget to include some traditional Thanksgiving designs that will elevate your look!

With a nail stamping kit, you’ll be well on your way to some stunning nails

We know that the idea of freehanding those intricate fall leaves can be incredibly daunting. That’s why Maniology’s nail stamping kits are perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy beautiful nails without that ugly struggle.

From simplistic templates for French tips to plates containing countless cute holiday designs, there are so many options here.

#5. Shades of blood-red

someone holding their hands in front of trees with red nail art thanksgiving table white pumpkins color scheme thanksgiving table green decor orange green table orange

We’ve already gone over this, but a rich shade of red is perfect for your seasonal nail art.

Warm colors that ignite feelings of comfort and coziness help create the perfect color palette for this particular time of year.

If you can’t decide, create a mix of these fiery colors

You don’t need to settle when it comes to creating your Thanksgiving color palette. If you want to wear some red tones but can’t make up your mind, you can create a unique mixture of various shades in order to end up with some stunning nails!

#6. Black, white, and everything in between

someone holding their hand up with a black sleeve and various colored nail art thanksgiving table table settings dining room table thanksgiving table thanksgiving green

Though there are plenty of vivid colors that align perfectly with the fall season, there’s nothing better than some rich neutrals.

From snowy white to midnight black, there are endless Thanksgiving colors in between that will be perfect for your nails.

Enjoy the perfect Thanksgiving color palette

However, you don’t need to settle for just black and white (those two colors aren’t very Thanksgiving-y on their own, anyway.)

Instead, you’ll be best off using all the colors that come in between! From light gray to a rich spruce brown, these tones are perfect for you.

#7. Cozy taupe

someone's hand with brown stiletto nails thanksgiving table setting ideas thanksgiving table soft pink bright blue table settings fall colors table table thanksgiving orange

Sometimes, it can be hard to decide upon the perfect color for Thanksgiving when you have endless possibilities. So, instead of giving you a wide range of tones to choose from, we’ll give you something a bit more specific.

Taupe is one of the best neutral colors and is amazingly perfect for the autumn season. It’s toned down enough to be quite calming and relaxing, but has enough subtle color to help elevate your entire look!

#8. Mountain blue

someone's hand with fancy blue nails stunning tablescape elegant tablescape course pop bold pattern gray candles inspire gold shine thanksgiving table orange

Instead of solely wearing warm tones, there are some gorgeous cool colors that can help fashion some subtly stunning Thanksgiving nail art.

This mountain blue is bright and vivid enough to boost your mood amidst the cold weather while offering a tinge of sophistication.

#9. Pumpkin orange

someone's hands with shiny orange nail art spending time table setting ideas late fall color gold pattern bold colors greens thanksgiving table thanksgiving table table

With a rich orange on your fingertips, you’ll be completely aligned with what makes this season so enjoyable. This beautiful color inspires thoughts of pumpkin pie, chilly sunrises, and changing leaves, and is impossible to ignore!

This particular shade stands alone as one of the most popular Thanksgiving colors. So, if you’re planning to enhance your festive nail art, this is the way to do so!

Final thoughts

The right Thanksgiving colors can help you add a festive touch to your nail art. From looks inspired by perky pumpkins to soft neutral tones, there are so many ways to indulge in this holiday nail art!

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