7 Benefits of Luxury Skincare Products

If you’re wondering whether it’s worth it to switch from your drugstore products to a luxury skincare routine — such as the Lancer 3-step skincare sets — the short answer is definitely yes. The long answer is that luxury skincare products offer many different benefits, from unique formulations to higher concentrations of ingredients. Here are seven reason why you should consider switching to luxury skincare products like those offered by Lancer:

Research and Development

Every new skincare ingredient first needs to be discovered or developed in the lab, then extensively tested in various formulations — all of which requires investing in staffing and equipment. Part of the reason why drugstore skincare products are so cheap is because they use older ingredients that don’t require much research. Meanwhile, luxury skincare companies like Lancer invest in research and development to help discover innovative new ingredients that aren’t as widely available.

Concentration and Potency

Luxury skincare products like ours also typically include ingredients at a higher concentration level and/or ingredients in a more potent form when compared to drugstore products. This means that you will see results faster when using a luxury skincare product versus a drugstore product that will work more slowly because of the lower concentrations. Using higher concentrations of these ingredients raises the price, which is why drugstore products typically keep the concentrations as low as possible.


Another thing that sets luxury skincare products apart isn’t just what ingredients they include; it’s how they source them. Not all ingredients are created equal, and luxury skincare brands typically source premium ingredients that are higher in both quality and purity. So even if the name of an ingredient is the same on both a drugstore and a Lancer product label, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the ingredients are identical. Many luxury brands also focus on sustainably sourcing their ingredients in a way that is better to the environment.

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If you’ve ever thought that a lot of drugstore products seemed the same, there’s a reason for that. Many drugstore skincare companies license a base formula from the manufacturer, a process known as white labeling. Then they make a few tweaks to the formulation before putting it on the market. While this keeps costs low for drugstore skincare companies, it means that many of the products are fundamentally not that different from each other.

Meanwhile, luxury skincare companies such as Lancer Skincare develop their own formulas from scratch. Many of these formulas are also proprietary and not shared with any other companies. This results in unique formulations, such as decollete creams, that aren’t available from any other skincare brands. If you want to experience Lancer Skincare products, you’ll have to order them from us!

Texture and Feel

These unique, extensively tested formulations mean that most luxury skincare products have a much more pleasant texture and feel when compared to drugstore formulas. This makes the product more elegant and pleasant to use, resulting in a truly luxurious self-care experience. This is especially important for products like makeup removers and sunscreens, which many people skip using because they don’t like the feel of the product on their face. All of our Lancer skincare products are extensively tested to ensure they deliver the best experience possible. They also make for a great skincare gift for anyone who loves a quality beauty product. 

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Drugstore skincare typically uses plastic packaging, which is cheap and lightweight — but not good for the environment or aesthetically pleasing to look at or handle. In contrast, luxury skincare products use glass, metal, and other premium materials in their packaging. Not only do these materials look good on your vanity and feel great in your hand, but they are also more recyclable than plastic, making them a better choice for the environment.

Faster Results

As a result of all the other factors we’ve just delved into, luxury skincare usually offers faster and superior results when compared to drugstore skincare. Drugstore skincare is totally fine if you’re on a budget and can’t justify self-care splurges — but if you’ve got the money, then it’s worth investing at luxury skincare. After all, you only have one face, so you might as well take care of it!

At Lancer Skincare, we understand that not everyone is used to buying luxury skincare online. That’s why we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee so that you can shop our products with confidence. Grab a skincare travel kit if you’re looking to sample a bunch of products at once, or jump up to the value size if you’re looking to stock up.

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