5 Things That You Think Matter On Instagram… But Really Don’t — Jera Bean

When it comes to social media, I find that oftentimes we end up placing a big emphasis on things that we think matter, but actually don’t serve us. Here are five things that you think matter on Instagram, but really don’t:

1.  Knowing how to hack the algorithm:

There are no heckin’ hacks. Don’t waste your time! Instead, focus on what you can control, like posting kickass content, showing up consistently, and having a lil gosh darn fun.

2️. Having a ton of followers:

Having a ton of followers isn’t magically going to bring you success, isn’t going to magically help you reach your goals, and isn’t magically going to make you happy. What should you focus on instead? Creating an engaged community that ya give a damn about.

3.  Having a hashtag strategy:

Hashtag-smashtags. They drive me a lil cuckoo. Listen, hashtags are fine but people spend too much precious energy on em instead of other things. For example, I much rather you spend an hour brainstorming content for the next few weeks instead of researching hashtags.

4. Posting every day:

You definitely don’t need to post every day. What’s key is coming up with a sustainable plan that works for you! A few days a week would be awesome!

5. Crafting a perfectly curated feed:

Buh-bye perfection, I’m throwin’ you out the window! Seriously, we do not have time for this, especially when it’s not what people want from us. Ya know what people want? HUMANNESS. Relatability. Authenticity.


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