30 Red Nail Designs To Try

Red. The colour of fire, love and dare we say it too soon, Christmas. There’s no problem a red mani can’t solve and we guarantee that it will be a shade you will never get sick of, or stop being asked for with your clients.

Red can be used in a subtle way with small details like tips or cuffs or mini motifs (hello hearts, we’re talking about you), or used to take centre stage with a more bold design. From bright fire truck red to autumn-inspired burgundy, there are no limits when it comes to red, and we’re here to provide the proof.

We’ve done some searching and complied together 30 (!) insane red designs, from both our Nail Tech Org community, and the rest of Instagram, to bring to you the ultimate collection of red designs. If you’re ever in need, you know where we are.

So sit back, relax and start scrolling, to discover 30 red nail designs that we know you’re going to love.

Just as obsessed as us? If you said yes, then what are you waiting for! It’s recreation time!

It’s time to dig out your favourite polishes and tools, and get creative with your own nails and of course, your clients. Next time somebody comes to you with a complete blank mind but is in the mood for something red, you now have all the inspo you’ll ever need.

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