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I love buying makeup, and if you have followed my blog for a while, you likely know that already, but even for me there are times when I want something different. Sometimes, I want to experiment with what I already have. Beauty bloggers have a lot of makeup and we sell and promote a lot of it too, mostly because we are collectors of beautiful things and we love good-quality products. However, when it comes to makeup, you can be creative with what you already have right at your fingertips. You do not have to go out and buy every shade of lipstick that you want; you can actually create any lipstick shade that you want right at home; you can even change the texture and how the lipstick adheres to your lips. I do this all the time, so today, I want to share with you all how I do these things; I will share my secret tips and tricks to create any lip look that you want. I will also teach you how to change any lipstick from an oily texture to a matte texture and vice versa.

It is fun to buy lipstick, but sometimes you just wake up and desire a particular color and shade, but you may not have it; if you do have it, it may have a texture that you do not want, or its texture may not be compatible with your lips at the time. When these things happen, I create a new lip color with makeup that I already have by mixing shades. The way that I do this is by applying a lipstick that is similar to the color that I want, and then I apply an eyeshadow that I believe will give me the hue that I want on top of the lipstick; this will completely change the lipstick shade. Since the eyeshadow will be on my lips and I will likely eat it, I tend to use mineral-based eyeshadows on top of my lipstick.

During the winter months, my lips tend to get very dry, so I generally can not wear matte lipsticks in the winter. As a result, during this time, I change my matte lipsticks to have a more moisturizing texture. There are two ways that I do this: The first way is by applying a lip balm to my lips first after exfoliating them, and then I apply the matte lipstick on top of the lip balm; this makes the matte lipstick look and feel more like a lip gloss. The second way that I change matte lipsticks into moisturizing ones is by applying the matte lipstick to my lips first after exfoliating them, and then I apply a thick lip essence that has the texture of castor oil on top of the matte lipstick. I generally get these lip essences from Korea. I love the way that matte lipsticks look when combined with a lip essence; the look is just sexy, bold, and beautiful, so this second method is my favorite method; it just makes the lipstick brighter, bolder, and more vibrant in color.

When teaching online in the mornings, I almost always create my lipstick from scratch. The reason for this is because I want my lip makeup to be different every day I teach. I also do not want my lipstick to transfer to the water I am constantly drinking while teaching. When I create my lipstick from scratch, the finish becomes matte, which helps reduce transfer.

There are four main products that I use when creating a lipstick from scratch: castor oil, lip balm, Vaseline (or a Vaseline substitute), and a tinted lip balm.

When my lips are really dry or damaged, I try to heal them by avoiding using harsh cosmetics on them, such as matte lipsticks or lip tints; instead, I apply only Vaseline, a Vaseline-substitute, or castor oil to them. Then, I apply a mineral-based eyeshadow on top of my lips in the shade that I want.

Something I love doing is creating glitter lipstick. Most lipsticks you find in stores will either be matte or moisturizing, but sometimes I like to be glamorous on special occasions and holidays like New Year’s, Halloween, and Easter. On these occasions, I will apply a lipstick on top of my lips in the shade that I want, and then top off the look by applying pure cosmetic glitter that I blended in a circular motion with my finger on top of the lipstick. When creating this look, I have found that matte lipsticks do not work as well with glitter; they do not blend in well with it, nor do they move around easily in the way that I need them to, so I only use moisturizing lipsticks when creating glitter lipstick.

I absolutely love how glitter changes the lipstick by slightly changing the color and making the lipstick transfer much less throughout the day. I also love the glamorous effect created by the glitter, which is perfect for a night out or quickly dolling yourself up.

There are three cosmetic products that I use to make a moisturizing lipstick matte: a white translucent setting powder, priming powder, and eyeshadow. To make a moisturizing lipstick matte, I apply the moisturizing lipstick to my lips after I have exfoliated, and then I apply one of the powders (a setting powder or a priming powder) on top of the lipstick. If you apply a priming powder, you will not lose any color payoff when you apply it on top of the lipstick. However, if you use a normal setting powder on top of the lipstick, it will significantly lighten the lipstick shade; when this happens, I dab a little bit more of the lipstick on top of the powder to darken the shade again and add more vibrancy to the color.

A lot of people like to collect lipsticks, especially beauty bloggers, but makeup is creative, and sometimes you like to play with your toys. When I feel this spark of creativity, I sometimes reach for my kajal eyeliners. I never wear brown eyeliner, but I have several brown kajal eyeliners, nonetheless. I keep these brown kajal eyeliners to wear as lipstick. I do the same with black kajal eyeliners; I will wear them as lipstick since I love brown and black lipstick.

There is just something so sexy about brown or black lipstick on dark skin. However, as much as I love these two lipstick colors, I do not wear them often enough to actually buy more than one or two lipsticks in these colors. It would also not be appropriate to wear black lipstick while teaching or working in a business setting, so it is limited when I can actually wear these two beautiful lipstick colors. So, when I am in the mood for a brown or black lip and I will be in a casual setting, I like to apply my kajal eyeliners to my lips and wear them as lipstick. If I want the look to be more moisturizing with a lot of shine, I will apply a lip essence on top of the kajal liner. If I want my look to be more matte, then I will set the lipstick with primer powder.

Whatever your heart desires, you can use these techniques here in this article to create any lipstick color or texture that you want. For example, you can use a purple eyeliner that you like to create a beautiful purple lipstick at home. You can use the makeup products that you already have at home to create a whole new makeup look or to create a cosmetic product from scratch. Get as creative as you want. If you can dream it, you can make it!

I hope you all enjoyed my secret lipstick tips and tricks today, though I guess they are not my secret alone anymore 😩

Let me know if you tried any of these tips and what looks you created with them! Until next time! Muah!💃💄💋

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